What and Why

Blackhole is a minimalistic, semantic, modular, but powerful and flexible SASS / CSS framework with the sole purpose of offering developers (you) a new approach on how they architect their websites / apps, aiming in making their work easy and pleasurable and giving the possibility of modifying and extending it the way they want.

I decided to develop this framework because I am tired of seeing everywhere bad and redundant code making no sense, hard to implement, and lacking a lot of things that should improve your workflow.

Though is somehow an opinionated framework, I promise it will not force you into doing anything you dont't like, its opinions on doing things in certain ways are coming from solid backgrounds such as good sense, flexibility and simplicity.

What you will learn
  • write clean code - you will learn how to write clear, semantic and concise code that will make sense to you and your co-workers;
  • better organisation of your projects - having things sorted out in a visible manner will bring you big benefits when you're searching for something and know where to find it or when you want to move things around without breaking anything else;
  • using and creating modularized and reusable components - learn to use and create reusable components, modify and extend them easily;
  • code faster and smarter (improve your workflow) - the time you spend on projects is very important, so if you will develop on a good code base, your coding speed will fasten up, but not only this, you will write code in a very semantic and understandable way, not only to you, but to others too;
  • get a grasp of web components - every day the web technologies are immersing and it seems the future of web developing will be centered around web components, so basically a web component will serve you everything you need from it, it will act as a sole unit that communicates with other components;
  • take it to a minimum - you will also learn how to grab out only the things you need on a particular project, and not overwhelming your code base with unnecessary stuff.